6-Stage Big Pressure Gauge Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (Hanging type)

  • Standard 10 inch filter cartridge.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance system.
  • Removing major contaminants from your water.
  • 100% Factory tested ready for quick and reliable installation.
Convenience design for the simple installation, and you have an excellent way to make AQUA-LifeUAE Quality Water a part of your family’s life.

Product Specification

UDF/GAC FILTER The Granular Activated Carbon filter cartridge is made from high quality carbon. Reduces chlorine, organic chemicals, unnatural tastes and odors and other chemicals found in tap water.

Model RO-102P6B
1st Stage 10″ PP 5 micron filter, Clear filter housing
2nd Stage 10″ GAC carbon filter, White filter housing
3rd Stage 10″ CTO carbon Block Filter, White filter Housing
4th Stage RO membrane 50GPD
5th Stage 10″ in-line post carbon cartridge
6th Stage 10″ in-line mineral stone filter cartridge (Yellow)
Filter housing Double O-ring filter housing (U.S.A patent #5985143)
FDA approved polypropylene made
Booster Pump with Transformer 110V or 220V / 24V / 1.2A
Storage Tank PAE RO-132 steel tank 4.4G
Faucet Gooseneck RO faucet 1/4″, Chrome plated
Pressure Gauge 2.5″ Glycerine Pressure Gauge
Fittings type Jaco fitting or Quick fitting
Bracket Hanging type
Standard equipment Solenoid valve 1/4”, High pressure switch, Low pressure swith
Standard accessories Filter housing wrench, tank ball valve, drain clamp,
feed water valve, feed water adapter, 1/4″” LLDPE tubing for system connection
Feed Water Pressure Minimum 10 psi
Feed Water Temperature 4 ~ 38℃ / 40 ~ 100℉
Feed Water pH 2.0 -11.0
System Capacity 50 gallons per day @ 60 psi
System Dimensions (W) 38 x (D) 20 x (H) 47 cm
Tank Dimensions (W) 28 x (H) 35 cm
System Package Dimensions (W) 43 x (D) 32.5 x (H) 56 cm