Aqua Green Water Filter System

  • Protect home appliances.
  • Low maintenance system.
  • Big Blue filter housing have NSF certification.
  • 100% Factory tested ready for quick and reliable installation.

Reduces cloudiness, VOCs, chlorine, organic chemicals, unnatural tastes and odors found in tap water.


Product Specification

Aqua Green FILTER

This 5 micron sediment filter is melt blown with 100% pure POLYPROPYLENE microfibers. It Removes rust, silt, scale, sediment, dirt, coarse sand and sand from water.

Type Pre-treatment water filtration system
1st Stage 20″ PP 5 micron filter cartridge, Blue or White filter housing
2nd Stage 20″ GAC cabron filter cartridge, Blue or White filter housing
3rd Stage 20″ CTO carbon block filter cartridge, Blue or White filter housing
Filter housing Double O-ring filter housing (U.S.A patent #5985143)
FDA approved polypropylene made
In / Out port 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″
Pressure Gauge 2.5″ Glycerine pressure gauge (optional)
Standard equipment Big wrench for big blue housing
Bracket Standing type
Feed Water Pressure 70 psi
Feed Water Temperature 4 ~ 38℃ / 40 ~ 100℉
System Dimensions (W) 62 x (D) 20 x (H) 79 cm
System Package Dimensions (W) 63 x (D) 21 x (H) 80 cm